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How We Will Take Down Public Registries

Yup. We’re back and better than ever! RSO Advocacy Magazine is being re-introduced as a digital magazine. We’re still rolling out the bugs, dusting off our desks and shuffling through old papers in an effort to re-organize and start cranking out some great reading material in the coming months and hopefully for years to come. We don’t know exactly what our future holds but we do know this: We are very much still in the fight. Our goals include bringing Read More

Mugshot Extortion Intelligence Agency

Monsters Among Us

We are huge advocates for rehabilitation. We are also victims of mugshot extortion. What is mugshot extortion? It’s not exactly a new subject and there is relatively little information on the subject on the law books. It should have been obvious that when public records databases were placed online, they would be copied and used for shaming purposes. The idea generally involves shaming, them naming a price to have a person’s arrest or mugshot record removed from the websites that Read More

    RSO Advocacy Magazine

    Monsters Among Us

    When you hear reports that say 8 out of 10 children are solicited for sex online, have you ever asked, who those victims are, and how do we know this is true? Sure you know who the perpetrator is, don’t you. It’s some old guy sitting at a computer surfing the net for another victim. But who are the victims? The victims are mostly teenagers. They are in chat rooms or on other social media and someone will pop up Read More